Taipei – Street Inks

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The drawing of the month …

If you want to see more of my work … look for me in cafes & tea lounges in Paris, NYC, Taipei, WeHo … I am more than happy to chat about art & life in general 🙂 You can also contact me at


 » Sky drinks & cards »
Indian ink – 25 x 17 cm
Made in between Paris & Las Vegas – Oct 2014

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I like this one ! This is me …

I am traveling a lot these days. Therefore I have the opportunity to sketch quite often … I like to sketch surrounded by people. The good vibes push you to express something, to draw what you feel and to feel what you live.


Marcel Duchamp when I was in West Hollywood and Georg Baselitz in Paris inspired me to draw these two « croquis ». The last one was made in a Thalys (high speed train) on my way back from Belgium to Paris. Magritte works that I saw for the 3rd time in Brussels and the news I read on the newspaper were behind this third croquis.

All this will be painted one day in my parisian studio. I will let you know !



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I know I have to go away … I know I have to go !

These two unfinished watercolor & ink « Night Market & Street Food » and « Histoire & Indépendance » have been exhebited in the cityhall of Paris – 2nd district from May 19 to June 4 , 2014.

"Night Market & Street Food" and "Histoire & Indépendance"

« Night Market & Street Food » and « Histoire & Indépendance »

I don’t want and I can not finish these paintings … it would immured a relationship that brought me so much.

Even Arman has no heart to paint. Mondrian smashes sadness … the red cross church, the flowers, SB , the Daan MRT & the Carrot station, the Guonguan Exit N 3 , the NTU breeze, its farm and its park … with all this, Klimt tries his best Lire la suite

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Daan in Taipei … when a dream comes true !

You don’t even know sometimes why you come to a place. As a nomad no options are on the table a long time in advance. You go where your feelings push you … the less you think the best it is, beleive me !

Daan Impossible - March 14

Daan Impossible – March 14

As a tea fan, a oolong « connaisseur en devenir » Taiwan is the Bordeaux area for a St Emilion addict ! I came here 3 months ago for the 1st time in my life and I almost styed forever !

Daan Park in Taipei - March 14

Daan Park in Taipei – March 14


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