Thanks a lot Starbucks !

Not that easy to find a place to draw and paint (watercolor) in a city you don’t really know … I must admit that Starbucks in France / Holland / US makes life a lot easier for nomad painters like me. The Starbucks’ philosophy is the same worlwide. Enter, buy a drink and stay as long as you want. That works also for Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf in some cities like West Hollywood or LA but it is not the firm line of many others. I can tell ! 🙂

amsterdam 0812 web

You never have the stressful feeling that people and / or employees (always nice and helpful)  want you to go. Nobody, ever, have looked at me the wrong way. The multi-generation customers and the cultural melting pot of the crowd also boosts my inspiration … Could I ask for more ?

Nevertheless, I always try to renew my drink every 60/70 min. I keep in mind that these people have not made their business projections with 5$ customers drawing & staying at a table for 5 hours !

My favorite Starbucks so far …

Amsterdam – Oosterdokstraat , close to Centraal station – Great view – Inside and outside

Paris – 26 Avenue de l’Opéra – Upstairs

Paris – 24 Bd Saint-Michel – Upstairs

NYC / Central Park – 152/154 Columbus Avenue – Large Table

NYC / Lower Manhattan – 13-25 Astor Pl – Great light on the porch

West Hollywood – Coffee Bean – 8735 Santa Monica Blvd – Inside and outside

WeHo – a special thank you to the wonderful employees of Café Primo – 8590 Sunset Blvd

NYC – November 2013

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