An evening at the Whitney Museum – NYC

Painting N°5 - Mardsen Hartley 1914/15

Painting N°5 – Mardsen Hartley 1914/15

I went yesterday evening to the Whitney museum in Manhattan ( Donation day … I gave 15$ and the wonderful young lady suggested me to become a member. « you are coming so often … ». True ! I like to go there. I like the neighborhood , Central park is so close. But my answer was « Well thank you for your offer. I am not sure. Let me think about it …  » I always have the same feeling at the Whitney « Not so much to see here ! » Big mistake …

Hopper, Calder, … Stuart Davis ; I always learn a lot from his parisian work around Le Cressonée & Vins et Charbons or from his « Place Pasdeloup » ! Thank you so much Madame Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney for your gift.

What else ? Robert Indiana of couuuuurse ! Such a respectful man. I love his diptyque about Mum & Dad 🙂 … This time (a special exhibition just for him !) I have the feeling that I better understood his numbers. I was so happy to see his LOVE even if I must admit that the meaning of it frightened me a little … The instability of a relationship is not an easy subject ! Lets come back to Indiana. Don’t forget to look at his early work … Keep in mind that at that time he had no money to buy any type of academic material; nevertheless he has been able to send a true political message !

Composition 1931 - Oscar Bluemner

Composition 1931 – Oscar Bluemner

Many other great artists are shown at the Whitney for sure … Surprisingly, I have been able to measure once more that some of them don’t attract much the attention of the public « non-averti ». If I were selfish I would tell you « That is not so bad ! » … It gives me time to sketch some paintings face to face without too many people inbetween the master piece and the modest globtrotter artist !

Granite by the sea - Mardsen Hartley 1937

Granite by the sea – Mardsen Hartley 1937

Anyway, I did not become an international member yesterday evening. I have spent 2 hours sketching works of two great painters. I love what they do. If you don’t know them that well you should try to go online and check out how much this architect & artist (Oscar Bluemner) and this American painter (Mardsen Hartley) who felt in love with a German officer brought to art in the first third of the XXth century.

November 2013

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