So Happy !

I have been able to paint in LA. Finally I should say … It took me 3 years & so many attempts to come to that conclusion !

But I did it ! it happened in WeHo during the winter holiday season 2013. I am so glad to have been given the time and the inspiration to paint something above average !

After the incedible Georges Braque Retrospecive (Grand Palais – Paris 2013), I had in mind to draw / paint something that

was inspired by his style. 25 hours after … mostly spent at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Santa Monica Blvd, « C.B.T.L Weho » was born !


A nice lady, painter and sculptor, living in Spain & Northern Europe, with whom I did chat on my flight back to Paris told me … « ohhh this is well balanced … Georges Braque of course ! ». I did like that ! 🙂

Hey … Let’s put it this way … I fully agree that I am not a master. But you know what ? When you have not been able to get any piece out of your brushes for so long such a comment is a gem … better then « un coup pied aux fesses » … we would say in french ! Hahaha

Merci Jessi !

The the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf studio in WeHo :

CBTL Weho Atelier Web

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