I know I have to go away … I know I have to go !

These two unfinished watercolor & ink « Night Market & Street Food » and « Histoire & Indépendance » have been exhebited in the cityhall of Paris – 2nd district from May 19 to June 4 , 2014.

"Night Market & Street Food" and "Histoire & Indépendance"

« Night Market & Street Food » and « Histoire & Indépendance »

I don’t want and I can not finish these paintings … it would immured a relationship that brought me so much.

Even Arman has no heart to paint. Mondrian smashes sadness … the red cross church, the flowers, SB , the Daan MRT & the Carrot station, the Guonguan Exit N 3 , the NTU breeze, its farm and its park … with all this, Klimt tries his best

to make us smile but the heart is not in it. The face is frozen . The night market and excellent street food no longer have the colorful flavor of Jeni Bev and its Art Revolution.

So this was the perfect life ! But it was stopped on the wall of good and wise resolutions. What a great respect for those who love us. I should have guessed … it all started with a bouquet of flowers, pure and simple happiness … too good manners for a bold !

photo carton expo Paris 02

Please enjoy now ! You have to sing loudly in the forest … your microphone, your audience and your stage await firmly anchored in our memories. Sing and dance on the sand of our freedom beaches … the boats of our lives can wait.

It rains a lot in Paris today. Cat Stevens pulls me my last tears with this 70 ‘s guitar and the rainbow piano. « Take your time , think a lot – how can I try to explain – same old story – I know I have to go away – I know I have to go …  »

Let me have a look through the window ! The sun shines on Paris now  …


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