The sketches and paintings posted on line are all made by me when traveling outdoor, in museums / galleries or in my studio in Paris / New York / LA.

I am using high quality oil-pastels, premium watercolors & acrylic painting and the best indian ink available. I usually don’t spray anything on my work to fix it … I have the feeling that it damages the emotionnal aspect « de la matière ».

The definition of the photos posted on line is good enough to show my work but … I try to downgrade the quality of these images to prevent the copy & paste & print unauthorized documents.

What you see in black & white is in B&W / monochrome in the real life. The colors are not changed  on purpose to modify the real aspect of the works. I am not a great fan of the numerous apps you can find online to o that job. I solely try to adjust the light and the contrast of my photos to the web specificities.

My english is not perfect … I have to apologize for that. I am french and I am doing my best to write an understandable english. I am sometimes using Reverso and Google …. but my goal is to improve my english step by step, miles after miles ! 🙂

I probably fly in between 50.000 km and 100.000 km a year and I walk at least 2 hours per painting day … not easy to find the right place to draw, to paint and to get the inspiration !

How can I have so many places to live in all over the world ? … thanks to the home-swap process I am lucky enough to stay in nice apartments / houses all over the world. One good side of the coin is that it costs me nothing … and it always puts me in touch with wonderful people who share with me the same philosophy of life : try to be as generous as possible & trust people !

Life is a simple equation … you get what you give !

You can contact me at my studio by email … studio@nomadpainter.com

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  1. maité gerard dit :

    très très bien

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