How can you get the asian spirit in the heart of LA …

Korea town of course … I went to Caffe Bene and it was really great and soooooooooooooo quiet ! In case you want to discover this wonderful place click here > Caffe Bene .

korea town web

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So Happy !

I have been able to paint in LA. Finally I should say … It took me 3 years & so many attempts to come to that conclusion !

But I did it ! it happened in WeHo during the winter holiday season 2013. I am so glad to have been given the time and the inspiration to paint something above average !

After the incedible Georges Braque Retrospecive (Grand Palais – Paris 2013), I had in mind to draw / paint something that Lire la suite

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Jin in NYC

What a wonderful time I had at Jin that day … late lunch, nice soup, wonderful ballet behind the counter. Dancing in front of me : cooks, pans, colors & tasty food, all of them inspired me.

Jin NYC web

Jin is not that far north east … I enjoyed so much the long walk trough Central Park that this « chemin » became the heart of the watercolor & ink I did a few days after.

Thanks to the influence of some of the masters I studied during that stay in NYC (Braque, Indiana, Cezanne, Hartley) I have the feeling that this piece is the first one of my « new » style.

Jin Sanguine 2 Web

In case you want to try …

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We just need to talk …

portr symb web

« Him » – Oil pastel on paper – Paris 2008

We just need to talk … one or two hours, sometimes more. I take some notes, drink a nice green tea, sketch a few small Gribouillis :-). After that « face to face » session Lire la suite

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An evening at the Whitney Museum – NYC

Painting N°5 - Mardsen Hartley 1914/15

Painting N°5 – Mardsen Hartley 1914/15

I went yesterday evening to the Whitney museum in Manhattan ( Donation day … I gave 15$ and the wonderful young lady suggested me to become a member. « you are coming so often … ». True ! I like to go there. I like the neighborhood , Central park is so close. But my answer was « Well thank you for your offer. I am not sure. Let me think about it …  » I always have the same feeling at the Whitney « Not so much to see here ! » Big mistake …

Hopper, Calder, … Stuart Davis ; I always learn a lot from his parisian work around Le Cressonée & Vins et Charbons or from his « Place Lire la suite

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Thanks a lot Starbucks !

Not that easy to find a place to draw and paint (watercolor) in a city you don’t really know … I must admit that Starbucks in France / Holland / US makes life a lot easier for nomad painters like me. The Starbucks’ philosophy is the same worlwide. Enter, buy a drink and stay as long as you want. That works also for Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf in some cities like West Hollywood or LA but it is not the firm line of many others. I can tell ! 🙂

amsterdam 0812 web

You never have the stressful feeling that people and / or employees (always nice and helpful)  want you to go. Nobody, ever, have looked Lire la suite

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Bonjour, I am a globtrotter artist !

Hi ! How are you ? Bonjour ! comment allez vous ? 🙂 I am traveling, I am drawing and painting mainly in Europe and in the US … this is my life, my new one I should say ! I am doing paintings, symbolic portraits and Lire la suite

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