The star of a day !

When you travel you meet people. When you meet people, you do things with them. You talk, have a tea (I never drink sodas or alcohol), visit places, museums & art shows. Most of french people « boivent un verre » & go to a restaurant.

As a nomad painter sometimes you paint ! That what happens when I met André … he became the painter for 2 hours and I was his assistant 🙂 .

We Collide - Taipei 2014

We Collide – Taipei 2014

Great result, isn’t it … I love it ! « We collide » is a watercolor & indian ink on paper. It won’t Lire la suite

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Not so easy !

Beeing a nomad is not that easy … not easy every day for yourself. But who cares ? You made up your mind for the best and for the worse !

" xxxx Triste" - Watercolor - April 14

 » xxxx Triste » – Watercolor – April 14

I think more specifically of my close family and friends … I bear in mind that it is not easy at all for the people who shared some good times with you for so many years in your previous life. They most probably understand why you do it & they probably knew that would happen one day. But still I am thinking about then very often. « Triste » has been painted for them … inspired by the artist toma-L.

Painted by toma-L

Painted by toma-L


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On the way to the Tate … London 2014

Last February I had to go to London for a few good resaons ! It was my first week 100% off as a nomad painter … great experience !

« 3 teas » symbolizes my wish to travel as an artist in between Europe (round cup), North America (Starbucks paper cup) and Asia (Gong fu cha) … to paint and to study masters.

3 Teas - Watercolor & ink - London 2014

3 Teas – London 2014

On my way to the Paul Klee Exhibition at the Tate that day I crossed the London bridge and walked along the Tames. When I came back to my studio I have decided to paint my day « à la manière de » Paul Klee. I was so enthusiatic that I did a 3rd version of « Jin » named this time « Jin from London » … a « clin d’oeil » connected with Tom of Finland :-).

Jin from London - Feb 2014

Jin from London – Feb 2014

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How can you get the asian spirit in the heart of LA …

Korea town of course … I went to Caffe Bene and it was really great and soooooooooooooo quiet ! In case you want to discover this wonderful place click here > Caffe Bene .

korea town web

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So Happy !

I have been able to paint in LA. Finally I should say … It took me 3 years & so many attempts to come to that conclusion !

But I did it ! it happened in WeHo during the winter holiday season 2013. I am so glad to have been given the time and the inspiration to paint something above average !

After the incedible Georges Braque Retrospecive (Grand Palais – Paris 2013), I had in mind to draw / paint something that Lire la suite

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