Symbolic Portrait

portr symb web

« Him » – Oil pastel on paper – Paris 2008

We just need to talk … one or two hours, sometimes more. I take some notes, drink a nice green tea, sketch a few small Gribouillis :-). After that « face to face » session it takes me some time to do the portrait of your life … or the portrait of a piece of somebody else’s life. I need a few weeks to do the final sketch … (see an « extrait d’un projet » the photo below).

Projet LarrMatt web

if you approve my sketch, you will get your portrait after in between 1 month and a year (!). Yes I know … your life is precious and I need to invest a lot of energy and time to fully complete your symbolic portrait.

Why such a long time ? Every single piece has a meaning. A flower is not a flower, a glass is not a glass … it is a piece of your life and sometimes all your life !!! You are the only one to know what the very true meaning is ( I do too ! but I only know what you told me .. not more). See below how much I care about the details … I can’t show more. This is so private sometimes :-).

sketch portrait web

I have sold quite a few of them in the 90’s. Some people just love it. Some don’t … :-). One symbolic portrait is exhibited in the office of the mayor of a very trendy resort in Luxembourg (« La solitude du chef d’orchestre »). Another one « Rue Margot » was shown for more then a year in the « salon d’attente » of the mayor’s office of the 2nd district of Paris (France) … another one is in my own private collection. Many people would like to buy it .. but but but sorry I won’t sell it.

You can contact me at anytime on my email :

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