Who is he ? (eng)


View from my parisian studio – Winter 2012

Bonjour !

I travel, I paint and I draw mainly in Europe, in Asia and in the United States. This is my life! My new life I should say.

I have painted, showed and sold numerous paintings about fifteen years ago ; I was lucky enough to be a rather successful non-professional painter.

My work « Dejeuner sur l’herbe » (acrylic & oil paslel on paper) has been awarded at the Festival International des TV Gourmandes in Deauville-France where the American Film Festival takes place every year . I have also sold  » The Idiot  » , a non-academic acrylic on cardboard, at an incredible price (approximately 4.000$) during a Ronald McDonald Foundation charity auction.

A section of the « Moulin Rouge » – Acrylic on board

moulin rouge web

My work (symbolic portraits, impressionism style landscapes and watercolors & ink) has been shown in galleries in upscale french resorts ( Deauville, Cabourg, Megève,…) and many times at the Salon de l’Art Contemporain in Paris (1.000$ to 4.000$ / painting).

Among other funny stories I can give you this one : one of my painting « Rue Margot » (Acrylic on wood board) has been the « master piece » 🙂 of the waiting room of the Mayor’s office in the 2eme district of Paris for almost 2 years. I am also lucky enough to have been commissioned by the Mayor of one of the top resort in Benelux (« La solitude du chef d’orchestre” – Triptyque – Oil Pastel) to do a work that « représente ma ville ! ». I also sold paintings and got commissions from individuals in Europe and in the US.  I consider myself as a lucky artist !

But … thee is often a « but » in human life 🙂 … a positive « but » this time 🙂 … But I was also quite successful and awarded many times in the hotel, restaurant, leisure center and casino « consulting » business : strategy, marketing, architecture and design … that took me such an amount of time that I had to put my art career on hold for many years … I knew I would come back « Into the Wild » later … (you know the book /movie I am sure !)

I had in mind to become a full-time artist as soon as possible. It took me a little longer then what I thought. That type of decision needs a lot of courage ! Meanwhile my two defenders in the world of the art died. Olivier my “agent-friend”, still alive, who did a lot for my art, Alain who offered me my first exhibition and Mark, a wonderful American artist, who wanted to share a studio with me are the ones who offered me to jump into the art world. I am so thankful to them.

Today my goal is clear, simple and modest … I am starting a new life.

I love to paint, to draw, to travel. I also live to meet with people all over the world. I am not 100% virtual; I love « les rencontres imprevues » face to face. Chatting with people about art and life brings me a lot. I am always looking forward to discussing with new friends around a cup of tea or during a friendly simple meal.

I am also amazed by the natural, artistic or architectural beauties cities offered us. We are so lucky to be in good health and to be born in a peaceful environment. We should take as much time as we can to simply look around us and to enjoy (luckily I almost never watch TV, I am saving dozens of hours every week 🙂 ). I also do my best to visit as many museums and exhibitions as possible … I am a member in a few of them.

Taipei - March 14

Taipei – March 2014

That is it ! Most of my life is dedicated to drawing and painting. I have plan to do my first exhibition in september 2014 … I have to work a lot to reach that goal.

If you like my art you can contact me via my email studio@nomadpainter.com . I am also very often painting outside, in « cafés » or in public places worldwide mainly in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London or Taipei. Stop by 🙂

I am out of my home 100 in 150 days a year ! That gives you a huge amount of time to find me !!

Hope to see you very soon !

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